This Playset includes a lot of new features which could be added to the game. If you have any queries please comment on this page and I might even add your idea in.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Carl
  • Russel
  • Dug


It's a year after Carl and Russel visited the Paradise Falls so they decide to take their house and fly it to Paradise Falls. When there, a group of evil dogs are waiting for you when you land, these dogs are Muntz's lost dogs. Playing as either Carl, Russel or Dug you must regroup the dogs and turn their collars onto good mode.


When playing as Carl, Russel and Dug you get the ability to steer Carl's House, a Jetpack, an Airship and even ride Kevin. Carl has his own unique ability to hear out dogs using his hearing aid. Russel can lure dogs towards chocolate and even make campsites. Dug can sniff out hidden goodies with his nose. Carl can use his walker to stab enemies, while Russel uses a simple punch and kick. Dug uses a simple bark. All characters can get into vehicles and uses tools/weapons to help them in missions.


In this expansion you get to explore Paradise Falls, Rocky Stones and Creaky Jungle. These three locations are all available in the Starter Pack. When you launch into the game you start at Paradise Falls and you have to complete missions to unlock Creaky Jungle and finallu Rocky Stones.